Department of History


The Department of History was established in the year 2023.The department has well established equipped class room with sophisticated light and fan, which fulfils the need of students. We have eminent and efficient faculty members with enthusiastic students. 


  • The vision of the Department of History is based on the fact and belief that an understanding of history is essential not only to a complete education but also to a life of wider awareness, fulfillment and responsible citizenship. We seek to instill in students a passion for learning about the past to enable them gain a better understanding of the contemporary world and make connections to the future


  • Mold the students as ideal Citizens with deep knowledge in Tradition and History which professes unity and diversity of the country.
  • Make them become familiar and seek significance of the historical monuments.
  • Guide the students to qualify in Civil Services, State Public Services, Teaching, Defense services and Administrative services, etc.,
  • To enhance the chance of employability in order to make women empowered.


B.A. History


Course Syllabus

B.A. History